Soul Doctor or Soul Destroyer?

Tracey Hayes

The name Psychiatrist means ‘Doctor of The Soul’.

In the 19 years I have used the Psychiatric services my soul has never been consulted or acknowledged.

Pills are The God of Psychiatry which diminish our world our emotions and control over our lives, they hijack our dreams, our life, our life aspirations, our careers, our hopes and our instinct to care full stop. We end up on a revolving door of in and out patient treatment which will if allowed will last the rest of your life.

Anybody who is unfortunate enough to need the present services can look forward to a life of disempowerment, oppression, lethargy and a life lacking hope or direction.

Psychiatry is not interested in cause and effect just, with what symptoms you present with and what is the best medication for the job. There is no such thing as a safe pill without side effects, all are detrimental to our well-being. I have never heard of scientists breeding mentally ill mice, rabbits or anything else, so guess who the guinea pigs are? You and I.

Having lost loved ones and acquaintances in the past, their lives cut short by the effects of psychiatric medication I personally took the decision not to take any more, just take responsibility for my own life, health and actions- the result being I am approaching my 10th year without any medication.

This decision was not taken lightly but out of desperation for a better life and a future for my family and me. I made changes to my diet, exercise and routine coupled with optimism and a real determination and self belief.

When I told my consultant, the words non-compliant were mentioned on many occasions, non-compliant with what? The oppressive and disempowering world of Psychiatry, being reliant on pills for the rest of my life, which would most likely be shortened, and end up being a soul with no mind or direction.

Through my various voluntary roles I come across former in-patients all the time, all still reliant on Psychiatry and all under a medicinal cosh inhibiting every sphere of there lives.

Unfortunately we live with fear motivated psychiatry, brought on by the negativity of services by our present service, it is not user friendly, it is offensive in every sphere as it is so medicinal based. If it was choice based, services would be very different.

I appreciate some patient don’t want to get well, mainly because of the negative system and a form of brain washing that convinces people they need medication to stay well. This is the system we have in place in the UK, other countries fare much better.




In the USA most people have a therapist of some sort, which is an acceptable part of life.

The stigma in this country is heightened by the bad treatment by our Psychiatric Teams with poor choice and long waiting lists for talking therapist, coupled with waiting list of up to a year for specialist services.

Psychiatry needs to join the 21st century and be much more pro-empowerment, treating the cause not the effect of our illness. Medication should be a last resort not a control mechanism as it is now so apparent, patients living in fear they cannot manage without it.

It should be motivating and pro-active in our future not focusing on our past, setting attainable goals each out-patient appointment, encouraging clients to re-gain confidence and self esteem gradually, as having your mind doubted is the most disempowering thing that can ever happen to a person.

We are the sensitive souls of society who deserve better from Psychiatry.

We have a right to a bright positive future full of hope. A motivated, empowering but sensitive flexible service would change Psychiatry as we know it for the better and thousands of people’s lives, expectations and futures.

Who are Psychiatrists accountable to?

What we need is exit questionnaires and annual questionnaires regarding out-patient treatment to be monitored and acted upon respectively.

© Tracey Hayes 2006